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The design was the most important Amplicasas which were sold in Argentina and Chile.

In the FISA Stand where he was shown and caused a significant public interest in the product for the price that it possessed at that time.

Mendoza can be seen even in the homes of Amplicasas in good condition or camping in Argentina, both as Amplicasas Wheeled Casillas.

Presents the same applications as a box and common stock many more advantages than tents or trailers.



The Amplicasa has a weight of around 200 kilograms, which allows to be towed by small vehicles.

Low profile for the map, 95 cm. on the floor, leading to a lower rolling resistance and decrease fuel consumption to 70%. With a low profile also promotes stability and to the point of gravity is located at low altitudes.

Although its size is reduced allows you to include in its internal place for six seats.

With a small dining room, kitchen with sink and even the space for a chemical bath with their separation in canvas.


Technical Features

Thermally insulated metal roof.
Fabrics P.V.C. Polyester with completely waterproof and resistant to strains.
Vinyl floor interior of modern designs.
Closed dimensions:
  • High useful 60 cm.
  • Wide useful 190 cm.
  • Long useful 240 cm.
  • Open dimensions:
  • High useful 190 cm.
  • Wide useful 190 cm.
  • Long useful 460 cm.
  • Armed with a total time of two persons at least 10 minutes.
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