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The system is responsible for monitoring and recording temperatures and Events, plus other data, the processes of Pest Control.



Temperatures were recorded and events for Fan, Damper and Injection. As concentrations during the process.

Cameras are fumigation with Methyl Bromide or CATEM for thermal treatment of various organic products.

Internal trade or both for export to Europe or the United States.

Independent processes can be made up to 6 cameras at the same time. All independent.

It is developed for DOS platforms plates acquire Data (discontinued).

For every camera you can monitor the temperature of six sensors at a time, one of five of the Environment and Pulp.


Who Implements

Who Arma fumigation chambers Implements the system is Nestor Riquelme (TecnoMet).

Contact Address or


Display System

Presentation System.

Data Empowerment Process.

Output data from the spraying.

Confirmation of data uploaded.

Confirmation of cargo and cranberry Certificates for the USDA.

Informational messages and warnings on the process for each camera.

Injected once the poison is entering the data on concentrations of injection.

Temperatures messages and various processes in different chambers.

Concentrations of load values separately according camera.