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The system is responsible for monitoring and recording temperatures and Events, in addition to other details of the fumigation process, heating or cooling control.



It is designed to control cameras Pest Control, CATEM, heating or thermal control.

The cameras can control up to 6 sensors and a total of 6 cameras at the same time.

In addition to the events of Fan, Inyecciny Damper. Registration of Weights Methyl bromide concentrations and densities.

The spraying of blueberry, fruit, vegetables or timber is performed both for Internal Trade and Foreign Trade or export.

The system is developed under Windows with its own database.

Are prepared to spray Fruit Fly or Ceratitis capitata Wied., Cluster of the moth or Lobesia Botrana, Wood and others.

The system is formally presented to SE.NA.S.A. and in turn to the delegates of the U.S.D.A.-A.P.H.I.S. in Argentina. With their approval of them.



The system has a safety key which does not allow its use without being connected to the same computer. This prevents the unauthorized copying and misuse.

Another advantage of security provided by the key is to have an internal clock. Thus independent of the system clock of the machine and this prevents the loss of processing time or times of events.

It also has information encrypted so it can not be manipulated, and thus reduce the adulteration of official reports.

Access to restricted areas of the system, as listed event log or configuration is password protected. This prevents any alteration of parameters or data.


Who Implements

Who Arma fumigation chambers Implements the system is Nestor Riquelme (TecnoMet).

Contact Address or


Display System

Initialization parameters of the system.

Main screen.

Reporting to the Data Process.

Temperatures and reporting of events in the system.

Report messages generated during the process.

Report curves Temperatures recorded during the process.

Report of the concentrations taken throughout the process.

Password Access to the panel registration of Events (Just to USDA or SENASA).

Register Events generated during the life of the system.

Principal window of each chamber.

Parameters necessary to assemble the product.

Load Data Process.

Loading Certificates (Export Only).

Window of the camera processing.

Loading Pesos of Venom (Methyl bromide).

Window of the CA with the most advanced.

Sensor process void.

Loading Data End Process.

Calibration window sensors and other parameters.

About window ...